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How To Gift These Rubs

Before I started this company, I worked for a wonderful lady who became a friend. She ran a concierge company. We did work for other business, and one of the fun jobs was creating retirement baskets. Most of these gifts were for men, and I was reminded how difficult buying presents for men can be! These baskets needed to be thoughtful, useful, and special. That experience was part of the reason I began this business. I wanted to create a high-quality gift that people would be proud to give. It was important to include superior ingredients: mostly organic, but all high quality. No MSG. No fillers. No “natural flavors.” These spice rubs are the perfect Groomsmen gift Housewarming gift Anniversary...

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What If I Don’t Have a Smoker?

What if I don’t have a smoker? How else can I use your product? In this photo, we used a great steak, a cast iron skillet, and our Bourbon Southwest rub. Start by sprinkling some of the rub on both sides of the steak and letting it sit for about 20 minutes. Use a small amount of seasoning at first ... you can always add more, even after the steak is cooked. Once the meat has rested, add it to a hot skillet (medium-high heat) that has a good quality high-heat oil in the pan. You’ll hear the steak sizzle, smell the delightful aroma, and prepare to taste the delicious entree. That’s one reason this is a great gift. You...

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